Straight Skinny Stud


Sterling silver/gold-fill tubing, silicone, semi-precious gemstones. (peridot, citrine, iolite, garnet)

Simple stud with a BIG impact. Edgy but elegant, this earring is designed to look like a gauge, but can be worn by anyone with a pierced ear. Made from hollow tubes in sterling silver, it is light as a feather and is secured by a silicone backing. Choose any color stone. Silver or gold finish. Note: these earrings sold individually -Length: 1" -Tube size: 1/8" diameter -Stone size: 2.5mm -Stone options: Peridot, Iolite, Citrine, Garnet -Metal options: Sterling silver, 14K gold-filled

We recommend using a baking soda/soapy water mixture that can be applied with a soft brush. Silver cleaners may provide instant gratification, but they actually make your jewelry tarnish even faster as time goes by. A simple polishing cloth works well as an alternative.